About Me

I strive to create a certain feeling in a graphic, photo, website and or video I produce to become a memorable moment whether the user is seeing it in person or online. Much of my time is spent advancing my knowledge by reading blogs, watching videos, researching, or by solving everyday problems that technology can create. I embrace every media type and believe that doing so allows me to create more, learn more, and ultimately become a better designer.

Growing up as the use of technology started to gain traction got me infatuated with computers and electronics. Intrigued by how things work and for what reasons, I took apart electronics only to see if I could get them working again. Using computers and online resources to solve different problems I developed a passion for graphic design to tell a story or explain an idea.

During my sophomore year in high school I created an online gaming community centered around Socom II. Creating this website with community driven platforms helped start my passion for creating websites. The final two years of high school I had the opportunity further my graphic design passion at Herndon Career Center. Their open approach to learning allowed me to discover photography and videography as another tool to express my creativity.

This is a basic foundation on how I began a passion for design, photography, web development, and videography. See more about my experiences and skills by viewing my resume.