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Measuring Social Data

A lot of my time is spent looking for innovative ways to increase exposure or measure the return of something on the web. When dealing with blogs one of the most essential tools are share buttons, whether it is a custom script or a plugin. Over the years I’ve inspected a ton of different approaches and styles typical share buttons have. One feature a lot of them lack is a proper way to measure the amount of exposure a certain article receives. Typically people will just click on each article and check the counter for each button, but that’s not telling you everything you need to know. For me the best option is to use is a plugin/script that allows you to embed customized sharing buttons while getting all the rich sharing analytics you desire for the amazing price of $0! gives you the option to see how many shares to clicks each article and the overall site is getting which measures the virality of your content. You get a quick view of the top articles, top social services, and the top countries sharing your content. Not only are you getting great data on what is getting more click than total shares but you can also earn money each time someone shares that article. Inside the admin panel of you get the option of choosing your own ads or using their own AdSense program that pays you. Sounds awesome, right? Plus this script/plugin doesn’t slow down your database or admin panel a bloated tracking system that most plugins ultimately do.

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